Math-U-Seest1\00003a*{}table.MsoNormalTable {font-size:10.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman";} This year our math curriculum is Math-U-See. We switched from ABeka Math to Math-U-See at the end of last school year, which was May 2009.This really helped us a lot, especially for one of my students, who is the body-kinetic type of learner. He needs a lot of hands-on experience 支票借款so he could understand the more abstract ideas in math. I believe this is the struggle of many students who simply “don’t like math ”.We enjoy playing and using the blocks that came with this curriculum.Our second son learned math with ABeka curriculum for almost a whole year. He was stuck at the point where he could only do single digit addition. If the sum is more than 信用貸款10, he would be all confused because he only has 10 fingers!! We tried using marbles, colorful straws, drawing squares on the white board, etc. None of these helped too much. I went to the workshop of Math-U-See at CHEA convention at Santa Clara , CA , in April 2009. That was the first time I heard about this curriculum. The host of the workshop spoke about math, teachers’ 馬爾地夫and students’ personality, and learning styles. The workshop was so informative and fun that I thought Math-U-See must be something worth-while trying. To this date I am still grateful that we tried it. TWO WEEKS after we started with Math-U-See my second child was able to do three digit addition and regroup if necessary! He began to love math! Thank God!! Thank you, 禮服Math-U-See!
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